Recipe Review

Thai Chicken Stir-fry with Coconut Rice–via Last Night’s Dinner I’m loving all things Thai right now. Maybe it’s cause I’m craving the yummy spicy flavor to warm me up as the temperature continually drops. However, I was a little disappointed with this dish. It was yummy, but next time I’m definitely adding more red pepper […]

Monterey Chicken

Wow people, it’s November, and I’ve been in my house for a month. Time has FLOWN! I still feel like I have a million things to do; but then I realize that we are approaching the holidays. For me, November is always my busiest month because I like to get my Christmas shopping done by […]

Mango Chicken w/Rice

This was my inspiration for E’s costume: Although this little girl looks a lot like my Eliza, it’s not. This is: Break-down of her adorable costume:Tulle Tutu: $12Leather fringe: $3.36 (and snaps $1.49)Feathers for headdress: $1.99Beads for headdress: $2.00Brown tights: already haveUgg boots: already haveTotal: $20.84Having a one-of-a kind, adorable costume?: pricelessI’ll get to use the […]

Hawaiian Haystacks

I love pinterest. I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone because I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love pinterest, except maybe that it can be quite a time-sucker…Amazingly enough, with the overwhelming amount of ideas and inspiration, pinterest has actually helped me SIMPLIFY my life. HOW? The magic of three ingredients:VinegarDawnWater.It’s incredible […]

OJ Chicken

This is a great crockpot recipe that leaves the chicken moist and full of flavor. I decided to make a panini with the chicken–layer on some cream cheese and a tomato, slather some butter on the bread and it’s perfect! Ingredients:4 chicken breasts2 Tbs Dijon mustard1/2 cup chopped onion1/2 cup brown sugar2 cups orange juice2 […]

Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas

Today is my birthday! I’m not usually one for fan fare and celebration around birthdays, but my husband is:) We are taking the weekend off to escape the house and our responsibilities and have fun! I’ll be in Park City tonight eating sushi, but I hope you enjoy this recipe. Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas via–Skinny […]