House Projects Completed

I made it through the weekend unscathed. My house survived, barely, and we got a couple more projects crossed off the miles long to-do list.

This holiday we:
Finished building the dining room table and bench
Put the Christmas lights up!

I have to tell you more about this dining room table. I wanted THIS Restoration Hardware table, but at $2295 starting price, I knew I couldn’t afford it in this house right now. I really wanted something at least 9′ long and to be solid wood and a trestle table design. I also wanted something that WASN’T espresso or black or cottage style. Can I tell you how hard it is to find something that doesn’t fit that bill? In fact, all I found were tables that were at least $1000. Just for the tables! In my dream world I can buy exactly what I like right off the shelf, but sadly, I have to face reality. I also knew that since I found my dream table, nothing else would do it for me. After coming across Ana’s plan, I knew I could “settle” for it! In fact, after seeing the price tag of $65, I KNEW I could settle for it and actually be EXCITED.

Wow. HOURS AND HOURS of work but I am sooo pleased. I haven’t stained and poly’d it yet, but it’s at least constructed. We used Ana White’s plan for her Fancy X Farmhouse table and bench. I know I don’t need to review how awesome her website is or that she just published her first book Handbuilt Home for you. My husband and I aren’t super wood building savvy, in fact, this was our first attempt at building something out of wood. Unless you count our cute little dollhouse we built for Eliza’s second bday, which I don’t since no screwing was involved.

The plans are pretty straightforward, although you have to spend some time going over her “getting started” tips and for the unskilled like us, understanding what “countersink these with 1 1/2″ pocket screws here” means. Regardless of breaking two bits or having to go buy two extra 2×4’s, the building went pretty smoothly. In fact, I’m pretty proud at how profesh it looks!

Building the table with my hubby was so much fun. We balance each other’s work styles pretty well. He’s very meticulous with details and is so worried about everything being perfect. I get so excited about finishing the project that I rush through it. We find that balance right in the middle where we were okay with it not being exactly perfect, but not a rush job. This table is so sturdy it’s not going anywhere. We broke it in hosting all 16 of my family members using it and I love it.

{ignore the photobomb–we just finished and I had to snap a pic. This is all I got during Thanksgiving}

Have any of you attempted a big DIY project doing something you know nothing about?


10 thoughts on “House Projects Completed

  1. I love this! Such a great idea and practical project. Found you at Elizabeth and Co.

    There'a a party at my place if you feel like linking up!

  2. I love this! Such a great idea and practical project. Found you at Elizabeth and Co.

    There'a a party at my place if you feel like linking up!

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