How to Meal Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide for Busy Moms

You all know how I love to Meal Plan and I can’t wait to show you what one of my friends has developed for you! Her advice is so intuitive and easy to implement! She easily breaks down the menu planning process into five steps and then provides all the resources to follow them.

What I loved about her ebook:
She gives you direct links within the pdf so you can easily go to the websites she references and I even found new awesome websites for new recipe ideas! She includes some coupon resources and you know I love my couponing! She provides some great downloadable and printable lists for menu planning and gives you ideas to implement it in your own home. I especially love that she shows you how to make menu planning work for your family; not just a generic formula. I’ve tried many of her recipes and they are sooo good. Remember THIS POST?
She includes at least 21 recipes throughout the book, but there were only 14 in one place and the others were scattered throughout the book; I’d rather have one place where I can reference them and see them all together. 

Because I know menu planning has changed my life and made it so much easier to think about dinner each night, I want YOU to enjoy these benefits too!!! You can purchase it by following the link on the left of my blog, or by going HERE.

For a limited time purchase your own ebook for only $4.99 by entering LAUNCH in the discount code at check-out through November. 

If you want to know more, or want to join a great community of moms trying to decrease dinner time stresses, visit

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