Recipe Review

Sausage and Egg Breakfast Casserole–via Six Sisters Stuff

You guys know that I’m a HUGE Six Sisters Stuff Fan, but for some reason, this recipe just didn’t do it for me. I know it looks delicious, and okay, the sausage was a yummy treat, but, it was only so-so. I think it was the bread. I HATE soggy bread and what happens when you soak bread in an egg and milk mixture? You get soggy bread. It was supposed to cook through so that the bread was more like french toast texture, but after an hour of cooking it STILL wasn’t stiff. I can’t handle waiting over an hour to eat breakfast! Especially after cooking up the sausage I just wanted to eat that with the eggs and be done. Next time I’ll just make a yummy omelet and cook up some sausage.

Stay tuned for some really exciting house stuff!


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