Busy, Busy, Busy

My two year old is crossing that toddler threshold. The one where all the toys she has are “boring” and the TV is better. The one where the toys at her friends’ houses are always better. The one where my house looks like a disaster as she goes from one room to another and I realize that this has become my life. As our family grows, no announcement or anything, it’s just going to get worse. *SIGH*. I love it:) 
I love hearing her sing in “mama’s bath” aka my shower.
I love that she mirrors everything I do, from dancing in the car to washing dishes. 
I love that she is so polite and says “peease” and “tank you”.
I love that she knows all the songs in nursery.
I love that she pretends to call daddy on her barrette phone.
I love that she still takes a 2 hour nap and sleeps 11 hours at night.
I love that she pretends to feed every baby a bottle or binky.
I love that she tries to say hard words like “pony” and “gymnastics” and I’m the only one who knows what she’s referring too.
I love that she always wants “a-noher boo”, oh! another book!
I love how she says “mommmmy” and “ma! ma! ma!” 
I love when she runs up to me for a kiss and expects one for every little ouchie.
I love that she wants to wear lipstick, even if it’s just a marker or mascara, or toothpaste.
I love that I get to hang out with her everyday.

With all that mushiness, I decided I needed something to help keep her busy. Well, a bunch of my friends thought the same thing and we organized a busy bag exchange. I KNOW, RIGHT?

It was AWESOME! Do you want to know how to do your own?? I’m your new best friend.

Step 1. Find a really organized friend to set up a spreadsheet sign-up where you can choose which fab idea to re-create from pinterest. See ours HERE. and the pinterest inspiration boards HERE and HERE.

Step 2. Set a deadline for sign-ups and propose an exchange date.

Step 3. Send out multiple emails saying how fabulous this is and how much fun we are going to have. AND make sure to give the final count of people participating so you know how many to make.

Step 4. Get a crafting. I worked with a friend and we busted out 30 popsicle puzzles and 30 paint chip matching sets. Phew!

Step 5. Meet together and take a little time to explain how the activity works. Eat lots of dessert. Talk a lot about things that have nothing to do with toddlers. 

Step 6. Go home, one step closer to remaining sane.

Here’s a couple of the ideas:

Color Wheel by Living Creatively

GeoBoards by Planet of the Apes

Build a Rainbow by All our Days

You seeing the amazingness of this idea? Here’s what I served up: 

My friend Alyssa is a fabulous food photographer and my mouth started watering just from the pic. I went out and bought the ingredients that afternoon. I forced myself to wait until I had to share them so I didn’t eat the whole pan.

The farm girl’s PB Pudding Cookies. I’m a sucker for peanut butter and reeses pieces. There was a time I couldn’t eat chocolate (it was a dark time of my life.) and I told myself reeses pieces really didn’t count! They are still a comfort food.

And I couldn’t resist making some Funfetti cake mix cookies. I know you prob have heard all about how easy and delicious these are. But. Like. Seriously. I. Could. Eat. Them. Every. Day.

With these sorts of desserts making a rampage across pinterestland, I’m surprised I still fit in my jeans. And we haven’t even reached holiday baking season. 

(random side note. go buy hoards of baking chips and evaporated milk and all sorts of baking things right now, like for a year because they are at an all time low!! I scored on Ghiradelli chips for less than a dollar a bag. Thank me later.)

(another random note. Love that chalkboard effect? Go visit Sweet C Designs for the Tute!)


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