Mango Chicken w/Rice

This was my inspiration for E’s costume:

Although this little girl looks a lot like my Eliza, it’s not. This is:

Break-down of her adorable costume:
Tulle Tutu: $12
Leather fringe: $3.36 (and snaps $1.49)
Feathers for headdress: $1.99
Beads for headdress: $2.00
Brown tights: already have
Ugg boots: already have
Total: $20.84
Having a one-of-a kind, adorable costume?: priceless
I’ll get to use the snaps for other projects and the tutu for so many other things so I guess it was worth it:)

I’ve spent a whopping $4 on cowboy boots for me and $2 for an ugly plaid shirt. (not that cowgirls wear ugly plaid shirts, just that’s what they had in the style at the goodwill.) I found a semi-decent hat at Target for $12.
I got some nice Wranglers for Ty that are a little big ($4 at goodwill) so I plan on taking them in…a lot. Got to get ’em nice and snug:) I don’t know what he’ll do for boots, but he already has a sweet shirt and cowboy hat.
That comes to a total of $42.84 for our Halloween costumes. I’m sure I could’ve done it for less if I used my coupons at Hobby Lobby for all the little stuff for E’s costume, but hey 3 people’s costumes for under $50. Not too shabby.

I also scored on candy with couponing…a bag of 250 dum dums for $9 and 6lbs of M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, and such mixes for $1/lb. That’s $15 on candy but I don’t know if it will be enough for our neighborhood. We’ll see!

Tonight is a definite crock pot recipe. As I mentioned yesterday, Blissful and Domestic plans for the whole month. This is another one of hers.

Mango Chicken with Rice–via Blissful and Domestic

4-5 chicken breasts (I only did 1 breast for the 3 of us)
1 jar mango salsa (I guessed this was 1 pint so I did 1/2 cup)
rice (I cook 3/4 cup for the 3 of us)

Put chicken in a crock pot. Pour salsa over the top. Cook on low for 5-6 hours. Serve with rice and veggies.


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