Week of Sep 10

Yesterday, we spent the day at our new house finishing up some low voltage wiring for our security and audio system. It’s been such a great lesson in DIY projects. Even though we haven’t even moved I have learned a couple things: 1) A project is never completed with just one trip to the home improvement store. 2) It takes longer than planned. 3) It costs more than planned. Okay, well I know with better planning and experience I’m sure we can budget costs more effectively and have better time management. 

Even though it was a long day, we had a fun night and went and saw Spiderman. It was waay better than the older Tobey Mcguire one. My only complaint was that Spiderman looked too much like an ex…

This week is going to be great though! My schedule includes a trip to Ikea, yay, hopefully grabbing some great goods at Gap during their 40% kids and baby sale, packing the master bedroom, living and dining room, and the rest of Eliza’s toys. I’m also planning on running a couple times and doing my 15 ab workout. Here’s for a great week!

Download Shopping List Here.


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