Couponing 101

Ok, who groans at the mere mention of couponing? I know Extreme Couponing may come to mind? Well, I was very skeptical at first because all I knew was these crazy ladies who quit their jobs to coupon and bought stuff they didn’t even need! Well thanks to a good friend (or two), I’ve joined the rat race of couponers. Here’s my approach–it’s easy, practical, and really saves you money on the things you buy!

The first step in using couponing to save you money is to re-think grocery shopping. Instead of making a menu, going through your cupboards and pantry to see what you have and then making a list of what you need, you do a reverse process: Shop your pantries!
The hardest adjustment is learning what you use, how often you use it, and what a good deal is. All of these things come with time, so you can follow along with me and take baby steps. Be patient, you will save money.

Grocery Smarts is a tool I use that matches weekly sales with coupons to give you the lowest possible price for an item. It also rates the final price on a scale of 1 to 5 of how good of a deal it is. The thing I like about using this tool is there’s an app for my phone, and you can use it in many different states for many different stores.

I do all my grocery shopping at Walmart because they price match any competitor and it makes for easy one-stop shopping. With a 2 year old, that’s critical:)

Stop by on Mondays where I’ll post my shopping list weekly. My list includes the price matching and coupon information. All you have to do is print it and take it with you to Walmart. Their policy is to match any competitor’s price so all I do is tell them which items I am price matching, what the sales price is, and where it is on sale! Easy as pie.

Good Luck.


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